November Heaven and Earth Calendar

1st All Saints’ Day, Day of the Dead

2nd All Souls’ Day, International Day to end impunity for crimes against journalists

4th Waxing half moon (10.22), Taurids meteor shower peak

6th International Day for preventing the exploitation of the environment in war and armed conflict

7th Astrological point of Samhain (17.25)

10th International of Science and Peace begins

11th Armistice/Veteran’s Day, transit of Mercury across the Sun

12th Full Moon in Taurus (13.34), Birth of Bahaullah (Baha’i)

14th World Diabetes Day

17th Leonids meteor shower peak

19th World Toilet Day, waning half moon (21.10)

20th Universal Children’s Day, Mercury direct

25th International Day for the elimination of violence against women

26th New Moon (15.05)

28th Thanksgiving (USA)

29th International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian People

24th United Nations Day, 27th Diwali (Hindu)

28th New Moon (3.38), 31st Halloween, Mercury Retrograde

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